Monday, September 5, 2011

The New World Order: The Unknown Hitler - Nazi Roots in the Holocaust

The New World Order: The Unknown Hitler - Nazi Roots in the Holocaust

The most blatantly Satanic black magic underlay Hitler and his "chosen" people - the Jews. The Jews were "Chosen" for the ultimate holocaust. In the Old Testament, a Holocaust is a sacrifice to God. Hitler's version was from the devil, a sacrifice of first the Jews to Hitler's god -Satan. Then the Christians would have been next. There were actually approximately equal numbers of both reportedly murdered by the Nazi genocide machine. Mein Kampf outlined it all ahead of time - in particular Christian Slavs and Jews were the most hated, in that order.

The plan ascribed to Oded Yinon in the Middle East was really just the Illuminati furtherance of what they crafted at Versailles at the end of World War I, then in Europe. The Illuminati have crafted various movements for various purposes: Transnational Corporate Capitalism is Illuminati Imperialism, Communism is Illuminati Collectivism, Nazism-Fascism-Neo-Nazism/Fascism is street level anarchy and national level thuggery in blitzkrieg militarist terms. All with a huge covert element. All serve the Illuminati, divide and conquer and recombine as servile slaves, plan for the peoples of the earth.

This is a very serious and scholarly study of the New World Order, below.




9/11 New World Order

PDF extract of NWO Chart, Nazism, Drugs and Intelligence Operations. downloadable

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